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The dominance of small scale
The design begins from the small scale of visible things,
the small scale of the declared needs of human module habitation.
The jump to the large scale, is made only after the cycle of the small scale's economy is completed,
and without any mandatory dependencies of charming, preexisting image standards.
The building is an artificial Body with dressed and naked members,
hidden and obvious parts, a trunk, limbs and eventually a Face.
We seek the least possible, as an art of looking for the essence of things.
We are touched by an ascetic attitude towards things, expressed in valuable ways.
Technology, futurology, History, but most of all, live tradition that insists on resisting.
Simplicity and rigor, able to withstand inevitable operations, the daily operations of the residents' real life.
"Life containers", free from any decorative attitude, but equipped nevertheless with a stage substance,
a necessary and a capable place to accommodate the theater of everyday life.