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Our obsessions are shaped over time.
Shining path in our minds is the seriousness of a child who enjoys his/her game.
Our beliefs, innocence, honesty, integrity, intention, comprehensibleness and manufacturing ethos.
Our constructs refer to all current, legitimate, processing methods, that are prioritized on occasion,
based on theirimportance for the final result.

In our world there's a place for post-industrial and robotics, but also for the industrial,
proto-industrial, the crafts and the completely handmade.
Their intelligent combination at practice, fumbling the cracks, denies the alleged end of History,
enriches the project with a humane dimension, and lets it finally refer to the critical,
for our days, value of human labor and its culture, by reaching its limits.

The project, by descretely indicating its construction method, does no longer hide,
but reveals its generating mechanisms,
seeking to talk about the self-institutionalization, ie the construction of inhabiting.