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For us, Αrchitecture is a perfectly applied and specific activity, prepared in a specific space and time,
and is a product of history, not a parthenogennesis.
The global reach and strength of architecture in time are phenomena arising subsequently,
when the
architectural practice has been exercised with virtue - joy, awareness, wisdom, professionalism
and ethics, and only with the permission of Happiness or Suffering of the Historical Circumstances.
An architect for us is the one who, with the experience acquired and the natural talent of any sort,
has acquired the ability- merit to see, hear and analyze the issue of his agents in order  to design feasible
solutions- treatments, figuring out ways to resolve the questions. Ways that open windows wide open
towards rethinking, questioning, the abstract and chaos. His/her only obligatory and inevitable
language/tool for communicating with others, is the prevailing Aesthetics of his/her Time and Place.
Architecture has to sing its stories with images of figures and shapes, giving place to the community
to build its structure with their forms.